8 Reasons You Need To Make Your Own Music Website

Today we’re going to look at why you as a musician need your own website. I’m not talking about having a Facebook or Twitter page mind you, or even a Blogger blog. What I’m talking about is owning your own ‘.com’ website that you have complete and total control over.

If you’re not sure of the importance of owning your own website or you’re currently content with having your music only on Facebook, then this is a must read article for you. Hopefully it’ll open your eyes to how much more your can do with your own site.

So without wasting any more time, here are the 8 reasons why you need your own .com website.

1. You Can Create A Base For Your Branding

Your own website should be the center of your online marketing efforts. No matter whether you use Facebook, Twitter, paid advertising, Youtube, or any other type of website or service, you should always direct people back to your website.

You want your website to be your brand base as it’s easier to convert customers, your site’ll be more likely to be around for the long term, it’s easier to gain your fan’s contact details, and it’s easier to set up in your own branding (All things we’ll be looking at as this article goes on).

While these other sites can be useful for driving traffic to your site and communicating with fans, your fans should be able to have one place where they know they can go to to find out all of the latest information about you.

You can link out to third party sites from your main .com website, but a third party site should never be used as a base for your branding. Mainly because:

2. Other Websites Come And Go

The thing about relying on other websites as a brand base, is you never know when they’re going to go down. While a site may seem on top of it’s game and like it will never fall, you simply never know.

Look at MySpace for example. For a while they were the place to go for any musician who wanted to gain an online presence. People put a lot of time and effort into building up their MySpace profiles and their ‘fan base’.

As MySpace’s popularity died out however, people stopped using it. This meant that no one would check the messages they received from musicians, and as people stopped browsing the site, people’s page views also dropped. It also meant that musicians didn’t have any way of contacting their thousands of ‘friends’ they built up over the years.

This all happened in a very short space of time, and is a perfect example as to why you should make your own site your online base. Your website won’t ever go down if you don’t want it to, as you have full control over it. And because it is only focused on you and your music, as long as you remain appealing to people, you will still get people visiting it.

3. A Website Will Help You Stand Out From The Crowd

Even if you don’t your own website, I’m sure you have a Facebook and / or Twitter page. While that’s a good thing as they can be useful for promoting your music, there is a problem with this. Every other musician has these tools at their disposal too!

As a musician, you want to be making yourself stand out from the crowd. I mean, how will anyone notice you if at first glance you appear the same as everyone else in your genre?

While it isn’t the only thing you can do to help your music stand out, making your own professional website can help a lot. Yes there are other musicians that have their own sites as well, but it’s still a very small percentage compared to how many are promoting their music online. Therefore, if you have a site and show it to people while you’re trying to turn then into a fan, many will instantly believe that you’re a level above the rest.

A .com website will give you a higher perceived value, and that’s always good for getting people to take you more seriously.

4. You Have More Customization Options

One of the great things about having your own website, is that you can customize it as you wish. You can customize it in terms of the colors, the structure, the way it works, and the like.

When using other websites, while some do allow customization, it’s no where near to the same extent you can get with your own site. If you want to get your branding across, a .com website is the best way to go about doing that.

Not only can you customize it to largely look the way you want, you can also lay it out however you want as well. This is preferable for the next two reasons:

5. It Makes It Easier To Convert Customers Into Buyers / Subscribers

As you can lay your website out how you want, it makes it easier to get them to take actions. For example, let’s say your main aim is to get your customers to sign up to your mailing list. It’s possible for you to add a big subscribe box to your home page, and put a subscriber box on all of your pages via your sidebar. If you wanted to take things to the next level, you could also create a page with only your subscriber box and send people there. This is called a squeeze page.

If on the other hand your main aim was making sales of songs, you could make it so all pages lead back to your shop page and include a call to action. You could also include an advert in your sidebar (Or anywhere else) letting people know that your shop page has some exclusive songs they won’t find anywhere else.

Neither of these things can be done on third party websites (Twitter etc), so it’s harder to lead your visitors in the right direction.

6. You Can Build A Better, Longer Lasting Relationship With Your Fans

As mentioned in the last point, having your own website will make it easier to collect people’s contact details for your mailing list. You can let people know that them joining your list is the best way to hear more of your music, and get involved in what you’re doing.

The great thing about building a mailing list, is that you can easily keep in contact with people. When MySpace stopped getting used, all the fans on there became virtually useless as contact with most of them was no longer possible.

So, if you get your fans (Or potential fans) to sign up to your list instead of signing up to your profile on a third party website, even if other sites do go down, you’ll still have your mailing list to communicate with.

If you do email marketing and use an autoresponder to communicate with your list, you can also build up a strong relationship with your fans largely on autopilot.

7. You Can Learn More About Your Customers

If you have your own website, you have the option of installing Google Analytics or other free analytical software on your site. This software will allow you to see a lot of useful information about the people visiting your website, information that you can use to better decide how you’ll operate certain parts of your music career.

For example, you can see what counties the majority of people on your site are visiting from. If for example you see a certain country is visiting a lot, you may decide that it’s worth touring there.

Other stats you can look include the point people generally stop looking at your website. If for example you get a lot of people going to your About page then leaving the site, you’ll know you have to change something about that page. So you may want to link it to your mailing list page, change up the text, or do something else that will lead people to take another action after visiting it.

This type of analytics isn’t available on third party website such as Twitter (And to a very limited amount on Facebook), so if you want to convert as many browsers into fans as possible, you need your own website with analytics.

8. Your Social Networking Accounts Can Be Shut Down

Lastly, if the owners of the social networking sites you are using feel you’re in violations of their terms and conditions (Even if you’re not), they can shut your account down without any warning. And this does happen… A lot!

Having your own site is a lot more reliable, and a lot less likely to go down. You can put whatever type of content you want on there, and not be in violation of someone else’s rules. More importantly, no one will mistake you for being so.

Reasons To Make Your Own Music Website Conclusion

So that’s it, 8 reasons why you need to make your own music website over relying on social networking pages you don’t really own. Don’t underestimate the importance of owning your own website as a musician, this is an important tool in your journey for musical greatness. Good luck.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this article. I have a .com and a .net domains which I have been trying to spare time to make my musician website for months now; but promoting my music and all have been nailing my time so much so I only managed to do this .org for the time being.

    • Create A Music Website says

      You’re welcome Marchi. It’s worth making some time to get up the .com music site at least, as that’s the one most people will search for.

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